Miles Johns vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade

Miles Johns is the younger, faster and likely more well rounded fighter here, but he is still the underdog because of how durable Douglas is. Douglas is not a guy that you can get out of there quickly and he will push your cardio. The pushing of the cardio is the issue here because Miles doesn't have any to spare. I completely understand the notion that Miles will come out, struggle with the takedowns and then fade as the fight goes on, but I am going against the grain here. I think Miles is improving and his explosiveness will be the difference here. i think he can land more strikes and get a takedown or two to squeeze out a very close decision.

Miles Johns

Miles Johns is a good strong wrestler with heavy hands and explosive speed. He seems to have a love/hate relationship with his wrestling because at one point it was the core of everything he did butt then he found power in his hands and abandoned it to sit on overhand rights, but he seems to be heading back in the right direction. He is coming off his 3rd win in a row, all 3 of which needed wrestling to get the nod.

Douglas Silva de Andrade

Douglas Silva de Andrage has been around for a very long time and If you look at his record you will see that he has fought a who's who of former champions in multiple weight classes. He's a compact guy with solid boxing and lots of power. He has solid BJJ on the ground but it is mostly there as a backup plan because he does not initiate offensive wrestling very often. His ideal fight is a dirty boxing match inside the pocket or a ground fight on top where he won a scramble. He is coming off a decision win over Cody Stamman where he was in solid shape, had a takedown and showcased his incredible chin.