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BetOpenly is a peer-to-peer open marketplace for all types of sports wagers. This is ideal for MMA betting because MMA bettors are very opinionated and nothing settles an argument like a bet between peers. The concept is simple, users create their own bets, set their own lines, and post them for other users to take. With BetOpenly only taking 1% of the total, all users save enormous amounts of money, both short and long-term. Put simply…you win more and lose less with BetOpenly. Not only will you get great odds on BetOpenly due to their policy of only allowing lines that are as good, or better, than the sportsbooks are offering, but with only the winner of the bet paying 1% of the total, there are substantial savings to be had over using a traditional sportsbook. Empowering everyone equally, BetOpenly puts its users before their profits. BetOpenly is both social and secure while removing the mystery and lack of transparency common in this industry. Get on BetOpenly today and start winning more and losing less!


BetOpenly is great for both the seasoned gambler and the casual sports bettor. If you wager consistently on MMA, then you will see massive savings over the long term with BetOpenly. These savings come not only from BetOpenly only taking 1% juice, instead of the standard 10%-20% that most sportsbooks take, but also because you will be able to shop for betting lines that are more generous than the lines you can find on your sportsbook as well! If you are just a casual sports bettor, then you still benefit by having a reliable platform for you and your peers to place bets between each other without worrying about who will or won't pay out when the contest is decided. It's safe, it's secure, and most importantly, it's fun! Create your account on BetOpenly today and then drop the link to your first open bet in our free Discord server and someone will surely jump on it. 

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Bettors Win MoreAnd Lose Less with 1% Juice!



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Peer To Peer Betting On BetOpenly
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There may not be a sport on earth that creates more argument than mixed martial arts. The sport itself is one-on-one, and the level of aggression in the sport carries over to the fans without question. If you have been a part of any mixed martial arts betting community you have likely experienced this yourself. Those types of conflicts almost always end with one person telling the other person to bet money on their position, and many often do. The problem arises when the contest is settled and the person that owes the money doesn't pay. This is a common thing inside the MMA betting community, or at least it was before BetOpenly. BetOpenly offers a service for peer-to-peer betting on any fight that you would like, at odds as good or better than the sportsbooks are offering, and then only charges the winner 1% of the total bet for playing the middle man role. It doesn't get better than that! Sign up on BetOpenly today, make a deposit to fund your account, and then hop into our FREE Discord server and pick a fight with someone. You will have a bet at better odds than you can get on any sportsbook before you know it, and you don't have to run any risk of not being paid. BetOpenly will change the landscape of sports betting.


BetOpenly contests are a fun and social way of competing against peers to see who is the pick'em king. Playing is very easy from start to finish. You start by paying the entry fee for the contest you are trying to enter, and then you make your fight picks for the event. The player with the most correct picks wins the entire prize pool! If more than one person have the same amount of correct picks, then the prize pool is split between those people. Best of all, BetOpenly only takes 1% of the total from the winner for running the contest. This is about as pure as it gets in the sports betting world. If you are interested in playing in a contest today make sure to click the link and sign up on BetOpenly today, you won't look at betting the same way ever again!

Bettors Win MoreAnd Lose Less with 1% Juice!

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