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When it comes to MMA betting, or sports betting in general, finding a reliable book that offers you multiple ways to make money is paramount to your success. BETOnline is exactly that sportsbook. BETOnline was established in 1991 and is located in Panama City, Panama. The off-shore aspect of BETOnline makes it easily accessible to players from all over the world, regardless of your local gambling laws. For added reliability, BETOnline is licensed and regulated by the government of Panama. On this page you will learn some of the reasons we prefer BETOnline and use it as our primary sportsbook.


Discussing all of the benefits of playing on BETOnline would take a very long time, the list of reasons is pretty impressive. To summarize however, BETOnline offers a very customer centric approach that begins with a very user-friendly website design and continues with generous promotional bonuses offered by the company. You can use one of our links on this page and BETOnline will instantly award you with a 50% deposit match. Finally, and probably the most important reason to use BETOnline, is the wide variety of MMA prop bets available on the platform. There is an angle to give you an edge available in every contest. If you have a hard time identifying those props to give you an edge please consider our premium membership where we will provide you with the exact bets that we place each week.

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One of the common themes you will run into with sportsbooks and betting on MMA is them holding the line back for a few days to make sure that all the sharp money has come in already. BETOnline makes it a point to get their lines out early in the week so you don't have to deal with that. This gives you the opportunity to get ahead of the line movement and be on the sharper side of the bet yourself. When it comes to making money on UFC betting, there is nothing more important than being ahead of the line movement. If you are serious about UFC betting and need extra information to assist with your bets, make sure to check out our premium membership where we provide you with our bets the very minute we place them. Don't be the person stuck waiting on lines to drop, get out in front of them with BETOnline and a WeWantPicks Premium Membership!

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One major benefit of BETOnline that we take advantage of each and every week is the exclusive prop bet options that BETOnline offers. There are props available here that you will not find on any other sportsbook, and with these props you can find a solid edge when it comes to betting on UFC. You will see prop bets like “inside the distance, decision no action” where you are basically choosing a fighter to win by finish but receive a refund if the fight goes to decision. Another solid prop is the buy or sell a round props where you can either give away 3.5 points on the scorecards or receive 3.5 points on the scorecards. That means that you can get more favorable odds by selling a round in a fight where you expect domination, or you can secure a more favorable win condition in a fight that you believe will be close by purchasing a round on the scorecards. Finally BETOnline offers matchup specific props where you wager on who will have more of a specific statistic within the fight. These are great for fights where the styles of the two fighters are very specific. If you need help choosing which of these props to put your faith in then please make sure to check out our premium membership.

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