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Each week, Jacob Lines from We Want Picks, picks his Lock of the Week in a video that is released for free on the We Want Picks YouTube channel. This video comes out on Wednesday and often contains some of the most entertaining content that you will find within the MMA analyst niche. The Lock of the Week is one underdog that Jacob believes, in his mind, will win their fight with 100% certainty. There have been highs, and there have been lows, but the one thing you will always have is a good time. Check to ensure that you are subscribed so that you do not miss all of the free content on the We Want Picks YouTube channel. Also if you think you can pick underdogs better than Jacob, please make your selection for the Lock of the Week and we will track the We Want Picks community Lock of the Week results over time!


Below you will find every single Lock of the Week selection and the result of that selection since we have been tracking it. At the bottom of the chart you will see the total profit assuming that you have bet on every single Lock of the Week since the start at just one unit per selection. The highlight, and what really took the Lock of the Week to a new level, was the ten event streak that Jacob managed to achieve in 2022. While this is complete speculation, we truly believe that there is no one else in the MMA analyst space that could accomplish that, and most don't even have the guts to try.

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WWP Community LOTW Results!

Finding a way to track the We Want Picks community Lock of the Week selection was very important to us, but the logistics of doing it on an individual basis are a bit overwhelming. So we decided that we would track it based on the community consensus from the vote above and keep a running list of how well the community as a whole does doing the same thing that Jacob has done week in and week out. Further down the line we may install some type of Lock of the Week contest or game to make things even more interesting. If you have any ideas on how to improve upon the Lock of the Week concept, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know!

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*Odds For Community Locks Are Tracked With The Available Line When The Poll Is Closed*


Over the existence of Jacob's Lock of the Week there have been let downs from poor referees, bad decisions, and once in a while just a bad read. We don't like to obsess over the failures however. Instead we believe in focusing on positivity, and in that spirit have decided to enshrine the fighters that have helped to create the most epic Lock of the Week moments in our very own LOTW Hall of Fame! Below you will find the top ten biggest underdogs that have come through for us to win big money as the Lock of the Week. Along with each Hall of Fame entry you will find information regarding their fight, the odds for that fighter to win the fight, and whether it was Jacob's pick or a community selection. This is a spot of honor and should be treated as such, make sure to tweet these fighters and congratulate them on being in the Lock of the Week Hall of Fame!

Ludovit Klein
1.) LUDOVIT KLEIN (vs. Mason Jones)

Ludovit Klein came into this fight after experiencing a questionable split decision and two previous losses which had most of the community sour to the idea of betting on him against a surging Mason Jones. Many thought that Klein just wasn't what we thought he was and that there was no way he could win against such a talented fighter as Mason Jones. There was one man who thought otherwise and was willing to put his money where his mouth was, and that man was The Freckled Salamander. Klein managed to stuff the takedowns, win the battle for control time, and outstrike Mason Jones while cruising to a unanimous decision.

Leon Edwards
2.) LEON EDWARDS (vs. Kamaru Usman)

Now sitting as a multiple time, and most profitable Lock of the Week of all time, Leon Edwards came into his first matchup against Kamaru Usman a significant underdog. Among the sea of Kamaru Usman support there was a lone voice screaming the name Leon Edwards from the rooftops of the MMA capping community. That lone voice was Jacob Lines from We Want Picks. Virtually no one believed, but still he pressed on voicing his support for Leon Edwards far and wide. As the fight progressed at UFC 278 hope was scarce as Usman was dominating the fight. In the last minute, of the last round, Jacob would be vindicated as Edwards connected with the kick heard round the world that left Usman stiff as a board on the canvas of the cage.

Nate Landwehr
3.) NATE LANDWEHR (vs. David Onama)

If you don't remember this fight you should open up your fight pass app and watch it again for old times sake. This was an absolute war. Once again this was another spot where almost the entire world was on the David Onama side, and Jacob went against the grain citing the propensity that Nate Landwehr has to fight for your money as his reasoning. Fight Nate Landwehr did in this contest. In fact he was beat up early, and it appeared that David Onama was going to take the victory just as all had expected…until the tide started to turn. Nate caught a second wind for the ages and was able to put on an amazing show as he battled back as Onama faded and was able to claim the majority decision.

Sean O'Malley
4.) SEAN O'MALLEY (vs. Aljamain Sterling)

For the first time in Lock of the Week Hall of Fame history, we have an addition to the Hall of Fame that was picked by both Jacob and the WWP community! Sean O'Malley claimed the bantamweight World Championship at UFC 292 by knocking out Aljamain Sterling in the second round of their championship fight. It played out just as Jacob said it would, with Aljamain shooting a terrible shot behind a lazy left hand that left his jaw unprotected and Sean reacting with precision timing to absolutely flatline him face first into the mat. From there Sean followed up with ground and pound until Marc Goddard stepped in to stop the fight. Congrats to Sean and his team, Jacob for the clairvoyance, and the WWP community for knowing a good pick when they see one.

Gloria de Paula
5.) GLORIA DE PAULA (vs. Diana Belbita)

This fight was not the most exciting fight in the world, but the line made it just right for a great Lock of the Week call. This fight was mostly a stand up battle where Gloria de Paula was fighting a woman largely considered the better striker. In true Lock of the Week fashion however, Gloria rose to the challenge and out landed Diana Belbita in all three rounds, achieved a takedown, and had over a full round of control time. The line would eventually close with Gloria de Paula just a slight underdog at +110, but Jacob blessed premium members with this line shortly after it opened for a monster win! While the fight itself isn't overly memorable, it does serve as a great reminder of the benefits of being a premium member on We Want Picks.

Leon Edwards
6.) LEON EDWARDS (vs. Kamaru Usman 2)

The only two time Lock of the Week Hall of Fame member is Leon “Rocky” Edwards. Both of his Hall of Fame wins came against Kamaru Usman and while this one was not completed in an epic way like the first one, and the line wasn't quite as favorable, this win was pure domination from Leon Edwards who controlled the fight from start to finish. In fact the only person in the world that didn't see the fight like that was Angelo, who was significantly inebriated and pre-disposed to be biased in favor of the wrestler. This Lock of the Week would be Jacob's single heaviest bet in his MMA betting career, placing $1,000 (10 units) on Leon Edwards and voiced his confidence at every opportunity. Leon Edwards is highly regarded in Lock of the Week lore.

John Castaneda
7.) JOHN CASNTANEDA (vs. Miles Johns)

Leading up to this fight the narrative was that Miles Johns was just going to be able to dominate the action with his wrestling. Jacob would remind us just how good of a wrestler John “Sexi Mexi” Castaneda is before selecting him as his Lock of the Week. Jacob took plenty of heat for this selection but as the fight played out it became clear that Jacob saw something that most ignored as Castaneda was able to keep the action standing for the most part, outstrike Miles John in all three rounds, and then ultimately find the finish by arm triangle in the final round as Miles Johns started to fade. This would be one of the Lock of the Week selections that really sprung Lock of the Week into being larger than life at a time before it had its own dedicated video on the channel.

Paul Craig
8.) PAUL CRAIG (vs. Andre Muniz)

Jacob was one of the very few people across the MMA community that was confident going into this fight that Paul Craig was going to get it done. Jacob called Andre Muniz being a quitter, and you could see that energy play out in the fight. Paul Craig's energy for this fight was through the roof, putting on his first showing at middleweight after moving down from light heavyweight. Craig was hanging in the striking exchanges, and as the fight progressed he was able to secure takedowns and threaten submissions. Ultimately Craig would get on top and achieve the stoppage due to ground and pound. An incredible performance from Craig, incredible call from Jacob, and surely some credit goes to the beard maintenance routine Craig employs.

Matt Frevola
9.) MATT FREVOLA (vs. Drew Dober)

When Jacob selected Matt Frevola as his Lock of the Week for UFC 288 there was plenty to be said from the We Want Picks community. Numerous comments about how bad the pick was, how Frevola was going to be the fade of the week, and probably the most about how silly it was to go against the chin of Drew Dober. Jacob would have the last laugh however as Matt Frevola went into the fight against Drew Dober and absolutely flatlined the best chin in MMA. There would be some cringe to follow in the post fight interview from Matt Frevola, but it was the biggest win of his career, and made the Lock of the Week Hall of Fame, so we can forgive him a fair amount of cringe.

David Onama
10.) DAVID ONAMA (vs. Gabriel Santos)

The first community LOTW selection to make the Lock of the Week HOF is David Onama. Onama was one of the wider underdogs on the card, so this selection was very bold and it assisted the community in righting the ship into positive ROI on their lock selections. Onama battled hard in a back and forth first round in this fight. When the second round started Onama weathered a bit of a storm for the first minute, but it didn't take long before he found his power connect and secured the second round knockout. Immediately after the knockout he hit the Israel Adesanya celebration shooting imaginary arrows into Santos. When Adesanya did it it was mocking his opponent's bow hunter marketing push, while Onama claimed he was paying homage to Adesanya.

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