Garrett Armfield vs. Brady Hiestand

I saw this on paper and wanted to fade Garrett instantly. i think he is getting too much credit for a close win and essentially won by walking forward. But then i did the tape study and decided this isn't the fight to fade Garrett. Brady can struggle with forward pressure and Garrett is all pressure. With that being said, Brady is a dog with no quit in him at all and this could look like his last fight. Garrett is the pick but lets hope that between his bar tender job and trying to turn himself into a meme guy he's gotten the wrestling rounds in.

Garrett Armfield

Garrett Armfield is a busy striker who doubles up his jab and switches his stance well. He is always working forward but stays controlled and doesn't take too many risks. He does a good job kicking the legs before coming up top. He has solid takedown defense and while he doesn't typically look for offensive takedowns, when he does he has clean power and works them in well. He is coming off a close decision win over Brad Katona where he was taken down 4 times but had the volume striking.

Brady Hiestand

Brady Hiestand is a pretty good wrestler who does a very good job establishing position and racking up control time. His boxing is just ok but he can struggle with pressure on his feet. He has solid scramble skills and plenty of cardio. He is coming off the win over Danaa Batgarel where he was losing going into the 3rd but finally got a takedown and finished.