FanDuel Fights To Target For UFC Vegas 87
Jairzinho Rozenstruik

After a week in the elevation of Mexico City, the UFC heads back to the Apex in Las Vegas for UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik vs. Gaziev. What many are viewing as a somewhat lackluster card this week still has its potential highlight spots. Let’s take a look at 3 fights in particular that standout from a FanDuel DFS perspective.

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The upcoming main event promises a classic striker versus grappler matchup, with Jairzinho Rozenstruik's devastating knockout power pitted against Shamil Gaziev's superior grappling skills and formidable striking. Rozenstruik, despite having the power to end fights with a single blow, faces a significant challenge in Gaziev, who not only poses a similar threat with his strikes but also brings a grappling dimension that Rozenstruik has historically struggled with. Gaziev, in only his second UFC fight, is coming off a dominant performance against Martin Buday, demonstrating his ability to finish fights early. This fight features a stark contrast in styles and strategies, with Gaziev likely to use his wrestling to neutralize Rozenstruik's striking threat, resulting in an intriguing matchup in which Gaziev appears to have the advantage.

Shamil Gaziev's rise to the main event in only his second UFC appearance demonstrates his perceived potential and the excitement surrounding his fighting style. Against a formidable striker like Rozenstruik, who has shown vulnerabilities against grapplers and has been inconsistent in his last five appearances, Gaziev's well-rounded game appears to give him a clear advantage. For all of his power, Rozenstruik has yet to demonstrate the ability to deal with fighters who can take the fight to the ground or push him outside of his striking comfort zone. This matchup heavily favors Gaziev, especially if he can avoid Rozenstruik's “touch of death” and use his grappling game, potentially leading to a finish and solidifying his status as a heavyweight to watch.

Shamil Gaziev appears to be the better bet in this heavyweight fight, with odds of -177 reflecting his favorable position despite Rozenstruik's knockout threat. Gaziev's versatility and ability to combine striking and effective grappling make him a formidable opponent for Rozenstruik, who has yet to demonstrate his ability to handle such a complex attack. Rozenstruik's reliance on making the perfect shot makes him a risky choice, especially against a dynamic opponent like Gaziev. While knockout power is unpredictable in the heavyweight division, Gaziev's broader skill set and proven resilience make him the safer bet, potentially providing bettors with a valuable opportunity if they are willing to back the Dagastani's well-rounded arsenal over Rozenstruik's one-shot knockout potential.




Christian Leroy Duncan and Claudio Ribeiro are set to face off in a fight that has fans and analysts buzzing because of their similar fighting styles characterized by danger and a proclivity for taking risks. Duncan is a significant favorite at -325, a surprising line given both fighters' tendency to leave openings while pursuing a knockout. Duncan's aggressive striking style and Claudio's technical prowess make for an explosive and unpredictable fight. Despite Duncan's favored status, Ribeiro's skill set and knockout power make him a live underdog in a fight that is expected to go unnoticed by the judges.

Duncan has an impressive record, with 8 of his 9 victories coming by finish, demonstrating his ability to maintain high pressure while also being creative in his attacks. His fighting style is distinguished by relentless forward movement and a diverse striking arsenal that, despite occasional sloppy execution, has proven effective. Following a second-round victory over Denis Tiuliulin, Duncan hopes to maintain his momentum by utilizing his dynamic striking and ground-and-pound to secure another win. His ability to engage in wild exchanges without faltering demonstrates his durability and threat level within the octagon.

Claudio Ribeiro, like Duncan, poses a formidable threat with his striking, and his aggressive engagements reflect his professional boxing experience. His fighting style, which emphasizes powerful strikes over defense, sets the stage for a thrilling confrontation. Despite suffering setbacks in the UFC, including two knockout losses, Ribeiro's early success in previous fights and ability to quickly recover highlight his resilience and danger as a competitor. While the fight favors Duncan due to his unblemished record of never being defeated and slightly more impressive resume, Ribeiro's knockout power and tenacity ensure that this match could end in dramatic fashion, making it a must-see for fans and a critical consideration for DFS lineups.




AJ Cunningham enters the fray with a story that could easily make him the crowd favorite, but when the cage door closes, goodwill from a compelling backstory does little to tip the balance in one's favor. Ludovit Klein, with an impressive -900 betting line, is a formidable opponent, technically superior in almost every aspect of the fight. It's a harsh welcome back to the UFC for Cunningham, but fans hope his next fight will be on a more level playing field, allowing his heart and determination to shine through more clearly.

Ludovit Klein has a striking game that is not only efficient but also visually appealing, combining speed, accuracy, and technical skill. His ability to keep fights within his comfort zone, incorporating kicks fluidly with his jab work without jeopardizing his position, demonstrates his disciplined approach. Klein's recent victory over Ignacio Bahamondes, combined with a strong 83% defense against takedowns and a willingness to switch to offensive wrestling when the stand-up battle does not go his way, has cemented his status as a multifaceted threat in the division.

AJ Cunningham, despite coming in on short notice, brings a raw, unrefined energy to the octagon, fueled by a life story of resilience and overcoming adversity. His striking, which is characterized by power and unwavering forward pressure, may lack the polish of a seasoned striker but compensates for it with sheer force and unpredictability, ranging from high kicks to spinning back fists. His wrestling background, steeped in a gritty, relentless style, adds another layer to his game, implying that, while the odds are heavily stacked against him, Cunningham's spirit and versatility may make this fight more competitive than the odds indicate.



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