FanDuel Fights To Target For UFC Vegas 86
Zac Pauga

Last week’s fight card had a couple of exciting performances, but for the most part was rather lackluster as a whole. Hopefully UFC Fight Night: Hermansson vs. Pyfer can bring some high-octane action for fight fans.

We are staying in Las Vegas at the UFC Apex for the event. Headliners Jack Hermansson and Joe Pyfer present an intriguing stylistic matchup at the helm between a now veteran versus and up-and-coming contender in the sport. Let’s take a look at 3 of the fights from this card that stand out on paper from a FanDuel DFS perspective.

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The upcoming fight between Ihor Potieria and Robert Bryczek is shaping up to be a DFS goldmine, given the high likelihood of a finish, as evidenced by the -850 odds for the fight not going the distance. Potieria, known for his striking prowess but inconsistent performance, represents a high-risk, high-reward option, particularly given his lower price point in the DFS landscape. Bryczek, on the other hand, comes in with a reputation for powerful boxing and quick finishes, making him a potentially popular choice at 8.8k. The unpredictable nature of this fight necessitates strategic exposure to both fighters in order to capitalize on the expected volatility and scoring potential.

The fight promises explosive action, as both men have a history of either securing quick victories or suffering unexpected defeats. Potieria's mixed UFC results provide an intriguing backdrop to Bryczek's string of first-round finishes. The expectation of an early conclusion to this battle provides a compelling angle for DFS players, implying that a large investment could pay off significantly if the fight lives up to its promise of a quick finish. This scenario emphasizes the matchup's importance for GPP lineups, with the outcome likely pivotal to DFS success.

Analyzing their abilities, Bryczek's technical boxing may outperform Potieria's aggressive but sometimes reckless striking style. The fight appears to be based on who can first exploit the other's weaknesses. Given their striking abilities, the winner will most likely be the one who can best balance aggression and caution. This makes the fight not only a potential spectacle for fans, but also a critical moment for DFS players betting on the high-stakes clash to produce significant fantasy points.




Joe Pyfer brings a powerful striking game to the octagon, which is complemented by his growing proficiency in submissions, as demonstrated by his victory over Alhassan. Despite a significant loss to Stoltzfus, which exposed his chin's vulnerability, Pyfer's ability to deliver fight-ending punches distinguishes him. Pyfer must leverage his striking while remaining wary of Hermansson's ground game in this matchup, emphasizing the importance of takedown defense.

Jack Hermansson, on the other hand, is a grappling expert with a track record of dominating opponents on the mat, despite recent setbacks, including a knockout loss to Dolidze. His strategy against Pyfer will most likely involve attempts to bring the fight to the ground, hoping to take advantage of Pyfer's inexperienced grappling. Hermansson's challenge will be to navigate Pyfer's powerful striking and secure takedowns, despite his low success rate in previous bouts, making his approach in this fight critical to victory.

This main event features a classic striker vs. grappler matchup, with Pyfer's knockout power pitted against Hermansson's grappling abilities. The fight has a mix of predictability and potential upsets, making it a hot topic for fans and analysts. Pyfer's striking and Hermansson's strategic groundwork promise a compelling fight, critical to their middleweight rankings and a must-see for betting and fantasy lineups due to the unpredictable nature of the matchup.





Zac Pauga's approach to fighting, marked by a noticeable lack of urgency and a seemingly absent game plan, makes him an intriguing favorite in his upcoming fight. Despite having the necessary skills, his performances have consistently failed to meet expectations, causing followers' confidence to dwindle. This contrast paves the way for Bogdan Guskov, who, despite losing his UFC debut on short notice to a far superior opponent in Ozdemir, has demonstrated resilience and a dangerous skill set that could pose significant challenges to Pauga's lackluster aggression and strategic planning.

Pauga's transition from a pre-UFC wrestler to a UFC striker focused on cage control has raised concerns among fans and analysts about his ability to effectively use his wrestling background in fights. His recent decision loss, in which he failed to capitalize on takedown attempts, demonstrates a strategic misalignment that Guskov could exploit. Guskov's aggressive, forward-pressing style, combined with his power and ability to control fights both standing and on the ground, make him a formidable opponent who could exploit Pauga's apparent weaknesses.

Given the contrasting styles and trajectories of both fighters, Guskov emerges as the an appealing risk-reward consideration for DFS. Guskov's explosive power and versatile fighting style contrast sharply with Pauga's recent performances, making this a chance for him to take advantage of his opponent's weaknesses. As Pauga's fighting spirit and strategic execution are questioned, Guskov's dominance in this fight becomes more of a possibility.




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