FanDuel Fights To Target For UFC Mexico: Moreno vs. Royval 2
Yair Rodriguez

Last week’s UFC 298 card turned out to be a bad day for underdogs. The only underdog to win was Ilia Topuria in the main event in which we saw him KO Volkanovski, and take claim of the 145 belt. This week is not a PPV card, but it is still a special one.

UFC Fight Night: Moreno vs Royval 2 takes place in Mexico City. This means that all of these fights will take place at significant elevation. On a card like this look for people with already questionable gas tanks to really slow down much earlier in the fight. With that being said, let's take a look at 3 fights that standout from a FanDuel DFS perspective.

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In this matchup between Chris Duncan and Manuel Torres, the odds are in favor of Duncan, partially due to his combination of tenacity and technique rather than raw power. While Duncan's history of overcoming adversity to win demonstrates a fighter with a heart as strong as his right hook, it is his overall skill set that truly distinguishes him. The crux of the matter is whether his resilience can withstand the formidable force that is Torres, making this fight a fascinating study in contrasts. Duncan's ability to turn the tide under duress portrays him as a warrior capable of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, laying the groundwork for an exciting battle.

On the other side, Manuel Torres enters the fray with a reputation for ending fights quickly, leaving opponents perplexed and fans ecstatic. His arsenal, while lacking in textbook finesse, is rich in unconventional strikes and submissions that take advantage of his unique physical characteristics. Torres' approach, which combines instinct and innovation, sees him use his reach and agility to launch attacks from angles that defy conventional defense strategies. However, the shadow of doubt over his ability to endure and adapt under pressure looms large. This element of uncertainty adds an intriguing layer of suspense to the matchup, raising questions about his reaction when confronted with a tenacious opponent like Duncan.

This fight is shaping up to be an intriguing showcase of Duncan's tenacity versus Torres' cunning, a true test of endurance versus execution. Duncan will use his proven comeback ability and striking precision, while Torres will rely on his dynamic offense and submission prowess. This fight should be looked at as an important factor in any DFS lineups when the ITD line is -700.




Edgar Chairez and Daniel Lacerda are set to face off with both fighters looking for their first win in the UFC. Chairez, who has a track record of finishes prior to his UFC arrival, demonstrates tenacity and skill set that have allowed him to triumph through sheer force and technical competence. His performance, despite being marred by decision losses, demonstrates a fighter with a relentless forward march and a knack for ending fights before the judges' scorecards come into play. Lacerda's journey, despite losses, tells the story of a fighter undeterred, with his aggressive style and penchant for early finishes establishing him as a formidable contender in the octagon.

The story surrounding their upcoming fight is one of redemption and potential. Despite a series of setbacks, Lacerda has shown flashes of brilliance, implying that his record belies his true abilities. His fight against CJ Vergara highlighted his lethal approach, as he came close to victory on several occasions. His resilience and firepower make him a dark horse capable of defying the odds. Chairez, on the other hand, comes into the fight fresh off a performance that almost upset the odds against Tatsuro Taira. His aggressive stand-up game, combined with savvy grappling, positions him as a dual threat to any opponent.

This fight promises to be exciting, with both fighters vying for a spot in the UFC win column. Chairez's relentless aggression, combined with Lacerda's do-or-die fighting ethos, sets the stage for an unpredictable and thrilling clash. For fantasy teams and fight fans alike, this fight represents not only a potential turning point for two promising careers, but also a demonstration of the unpredictability and raw excitement that define mixed martial arts.




The upcoming rematch between Brian Ortega and Yair Rodriguez is set to captivate MMA fans, with a combination of striking prowess and grappling expertise. Their first encounter was cut short due to Ortega's unexpected shoulder injury, leaving fans eager for a definitive clash. Rodriguez's striking finesse was obvious, but Ortega's ground control hinted at a competitive edge if the fight continued. The bout's location in Mexico may sway judgment due to the crowd's strong support for Rodriguez, but Ortega's grappling makes him an imposing opponent.

Rodriguez, who recently lost to Alexander Volkanovski, remains a striking sensation, known for his acrobatic kicks and unpredictable offense. Despite his recent setback, in which he was knocked down several times, his agility and striking creativity will be crucial against Ortega. Prior to facing Volkanovski, Rodriguez had a strong takedown defense record and hopes to rebound spectacularly in front of his home crowd, relying on his striking to regain momentum.

Ortega's return to the octagon is characterized by resilience. Despite his grappling ability, concerns about his striking defense and recent injury raise doubts about his readiness. Ortega's durability, which can absorb nearly seven significant strikes per minute, will be put to the test against Rodriguez's dynamic attacks. However, his ability to adapt and potentially exploit Rodriguez's aggression through superior grappling could turn the tide, making this rematch a thrilling battle of opposing styles and strategies.




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