FanDuel Fights To Target at UFC San Antonio: Vera vs. Sandhagen
Manel Kape

We have arrived at the final UFC slate before a one week break. This time around we are heading into San Antonio for what most have described as a terrible card. I hate to use that descriptor personally as even some of the worst cards on paper turn out to be wildly entertaining, but on paper this one is definitely one of the worst in recent memory.

UFC San Antonio does offer us a very exciting main event however with Marlon “Chito” Vera matching up against Cory Sandhagen in another display of top tier bantamweight talent. That is a fight that would be worth targeting in either direction under normal circumstances, but there are going to be so many finishes on this slate that I doubt it even makes optimal. 

Below you will see my recommended fights to target on the FanDuel slate for UFC San Antonio. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to tweet @WeWantPicks on Twitter and they will definitely get back to you ASAP. 




The most favored fight on the slate to end inside the distance is CJ Vergara going against Daniel Lacerda. The confidence meter on this line being accurate is through the roof, and it is all because of Daniel Lacerda.

Lacerda is a significant underdog in this contest and for good reason, he doesn’t have a single win in the UFC across three fights. Lacerda is extremely dangerous in the early part of the fight through round one, and then for a brief bit of round two as well. Beyond that however, this guy will be getting finished for sure. The only real question you should be asking yourself is if Vergara can survive that early portion of the fight.

CJ Vergara is not the most impressive fighter by any means, but his losses have aged very well coming against Tatsuro Taira and Ode Osbourne. He does have a win over Kleydson Rodrigues as well which is a fairly impressive win. Vergara fights with a very high pressure style which has proven to give Lacerda some issues in the past and which is likely the reason for the line sitting where it does.

This fight should be well over -750 to finish in my opinion and that makes it a very difficult fight to ignore when it comes to your tournaments on FanDuel. I do believe that Vergara is one of the safer plays on a very sketchy slate, but there is also merit to having adequate exposure to Lacerda as well when it comes to multiple entries.




I am surprised at how this does not go the distance line is sitting. The reality here is that only one of these fighters is likely to finish the fight inside the distance – and it isn’t Albert Duraev. Chidi is the finisher here, and is also the seemingly rightful favorite.

In his last outing Chidi Njokuani created what I believe is the nastiest cut I have seen in many years inside the octagon. The doctor took a look and let the fight continue despite quite literally being able to see an artery in Gregory Rodrigues’ head. Rodrigues would then mount a very impressive comeback and get the win, but that is the only loss Chidi has seen in the UFC to date. Chidi is a very powerful striker who has ended the night of all previous opponents before that fight, and seems to present the same problems for Duraev that his last opponent did.

Duraev was knocked out in his last fight as well against former teammate Joaquin Buckley who is also a very powerful striker. Prior to that however he managed a decision win over Kopylov who is a good striker, but lacks the power of Buckley or Chidi. Duraev would need to get this fight to the mat in order to win in my opinion. If he does manage to get it there he would also need to keep it there as Chidi has managed to work back to his feet in the past to secure a knockout.

I think this particular fight is only worth playing one side on FanDuel, and that side is the Chidi Njokuani side. The only clear path for Duraev would be on the ground and through a position over submission approach to limit the amount of times Chidi can swing at his head. That makes Duraev less than attractive under the FanDuel scoring in my opinion.



MANEL KAPE ($18) vs. ALEX PEREZ ($12)

I almost hate having to talk about this fight, because I am not really that confident in Alex Perez. Unfortunately my personal bias against Manel Kape is so strong that I have choice but to lie to myself about that level of confidence – and ultimately lie to you about it as well. Perez wins this fight in my mind.

Manel Kape is good, and he has a great strength of schedule considering his somewhat new career in the UFC. He is a striker that seems to have good power, and more importantly technique when it comes to that striking. Unfortunately Kape also seems to have one of the largest egos in the UFC, and you can tell he really thinks he is that good. I have my doubts.

If there was a style of fighter that I think could give Kape problems, it is definitely Alex Perez. While I don’t think Perez is on the same level as Kape from a pedigree perspective I think he is adequate enough on his feet to create opportunities to work in the wrestling that will be the undoing of Kape at some point in his climb – even if it doesn’t end up being the case in this one. If Perez can get this fight to the mat, I think that spells disaster for Kape and gives anyone rostering Perez a huge bump over the field as Kape tends to be popular. 

As much as it pains me to say it, the safer side here is likely Kape, but Perez is such an appealing option at only $12 because he has the style that I believe could give Kape problems and that combined with my disdain for Kape forces me to that side of this equation. 



Good look to all heading into this event. If you are watching it at home make sure to follow along with @WeWantPicks on YouTube for live bets. Also make sure to tweet your winning lineups at us and we will do our best to recognize your greatness. 

Enjoy the event, and make sure to keep it locked on We Want Picks for tons of great MMA content.

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