Asu Almabaev vs. Jose Johnson

Jose Johnson is long enough to give Asu trouble on the feet, but unfortunately for him he doesn't have good enough takedown defense to keep it there. i think Asu comes forward, snatches up those long ass legs and grinds out another straight forward win. He is -400 right now and without question will be -6 or -700 by the end of the week.

Asu Almabaev

Asu Almabaev is a flashy striker and a dominant grappler. He can control striking range and even work in spinning attacks before shooting big takedowns and controlling on top. He doesnt go looking for submissions but he does do a great job grabbing them in scrambles. He is strong, sets a nice pace and has plenty of cardio. He is coming off the decision win over a fiesty CJ Vergara where he had 9 takedowns

Jose Johnson

Jose Johnson is a long Muay Thai striker who uses his length well. He likes to come forward and control the center with his speed and length. He has versatile striking where he uses teep kicks, clinchwork and traditional boxing to touch his oppnents. He doesn't have the best takedown defense but he does have some trip work for his offense and solid pure BJJ. He is coming off the submission win over Chad Anheliger.