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Top Alternatives For Canadians Betting On UFC

by | Dec 2, 2022 | News/Opinion

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If you have been following the UFC gambling drama that has been unfolding you are probably aware that Ontario, Canada has banned betting on UFC. Shortly after Alberta joined them, also requiring that sportsbooks operating in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta remove UFC betting lines. If you are not familiar with the situation we will provide you with a bit of the backstory. 

James Krause of Glory MMA has been placed under investigation and suspended from the UFC due to concerns regarding his sports betting habits. Specifically the main concern is that he may be wagering against his own fighters or providing information about his fighters to third parties in order to obtain an edge on the sportsbooks. This became a concern when one of his fighters, Darrick Minner, had some very unusual line movement in a short period of time right before his fight started. After the fight was over, which Minner lost very decisively, it came out that Minner was in fact injured going into the fight. Darrick Minner has also been released from the UFC.

The working hypothesis of the MMA Twitter community was that Krause could have shared that information with people within his betting circle to obtain an advantage over the house. It is important to note that none of this is proven at this point, and James Krause and his fighters have not been found guilty of anything to point as far as publicly available information can confirm. For the moment it is just rumors and unsubstantiated claims from the online community as a whole. 

All of that aside, this situation has left Canadians in a tough spot when it comes to placing bets on UFC contests. In some of the most recent developments UFC betting has been suspended in both Alberta and Ontario Canada. But have no fear our dear Canadian friends! We have decided to write this article to provide you with alternatives. Here are our top three alternatives for Canadian based friends;



There are solid alternatives available online so you don’t miss out on UFC while being physically located in Canada. Here are our favorite sportsbooks in Canada that still offer bets on UFC;



BETOnline is our favorite sportsbook because of the lines being available much earlier than other books, as well as the great selection of prop options that are available. This makes it much easier to find a solid edge in every fight so that you have a decent potential to make money. Use any of our links in this article and you will receive a 50% deposit match on new accounts.

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BETUS has the distinction of having best in class customer service. They do this by using live service agents and having a very customer focused approach. BETUS also has great parlay options with very few limitations. Finally you can receive an enormous 125% deposit match on new accounts when using any link on our website!

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MyBookie provides all of their users with a very user-friendly design and great live betting opportunities. This website also is our preferred website for large parlays that are over four fighters because they very often provide boosted odds. When you register a new account using our links you will be eligible for up to a 100% deposit match.

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Sports Betting

Sports Betting is the sister site to BetOnline and provides the same early lines, the same amazing prop options, but allows you to double dip the deposit bonus. This can also be really helpful for anyone that maybe already has a BetOnline account and would love some bonus money. Remember you get a 50% deposit match when you use our links to sign up.

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As a thank you for signing up for an account with any of our betting partners and making a deposit of at least $100, we will send you $50 once we can confirm your account. This means that between our $50 thank you, and the sportsbook deposit match you are basically playing for free!


We don’t like to see a good player down, so we hope that this list has helped you find a few alternatives that you can use to keep the good times rolling for the UFC events. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to send a direct message or tweet us @WeWantPicks. We will do our very best to answer any questions you might have.

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