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We are looking to work with quality content creators for written content!

Why Work With WWP?

Below Are Some Of The Benefits Of Working With Us

Growing Your MMA Network

You will have people to network with and grow together

Automated Content Distribution

content on our site goes to social media and our email list

Increasing Your Digital Footprint

You will grow your audience by adding from ours

Reference For Sponsorships

We will provide you a reference for any brand deals




About Our Author Program

Read more about what the program consists of below!

Welcome to We Want Picks! If you are reading this PDF then you have interest in joining us in the mission of providing quality MMA content to the masses. Just to make sure that we have our expectations where they need to be, this is not an employer/employee relationship. This is simply a collaboration between two completely separate entities. You will be creating written content for our website on the schedule you choose (we do require consistency for you to maintain your position in our author program) and we allow you to use our platform to embed your videos, promote your website, third party tracking account, your social media, or whatever else you have so long as it doesn’t interfere with our established betting partners and sponsors. 

Purpose Of The Program

We Want Picks has a goal of turning the website into a hub for our followers to get all of the relevant information that they can for an event in one convenient location. In order to do that we need the best content from some of the best content creators in the MMA space to be found on our platform. 

To accomplish that we want to find the best MMA content creators that are coming up and trying to make a name for themselves. We view this as a mutually beneficial relationship. We Want Picks gets the content needed to achieve our goals, and the content creators get additional exposure to boost their recognition within the community.


In order to make sure that we are staying in the lane that we want to be in, we are very specific in the content that we are looking for. Below you will find a complete list of the areas we need to find authors for. You are able to participate in as few or as many genres as you would like to, the only thing that we ask for is consistency. Here are the genres that we are looking to post;

  • MMA Betting Content
  • UFC DraftKings Content
  • UFC FanDuel Content
  • UFC Monkey Knife Fights Content
  • UFC PrizePicks Content
  • UFC EarnU Content
  • UFC News/Opinion Pieces
  • Bellator News/Opinion Pieces
  • Other Fight League News/Opinion Pieces

If you fall into any of those categories and would like to create content for us that you can in turn use to promote yourself, please make sure to let us know exactly what you would like to do and we will work with you to make sure that we create space for you in that genre. 


On our end, the expectations are simple. We expect that you will provide written content for our website on the schedule of at least one article per week in your chosen genre. We will happily accept more content than that, but only if your intention is to keep it consistent. 

Each article needs to be written inside of a Google Doc and it needs to use the text formatting provided here on this link;


Your article should be at least 500 words in length, however we prefer content be 750 words or more. Your articles should be written in good, plain English, each and every time. Numbers and abbreviations should be written out when possible. None of this is to say that you need to be a professional writer, we will edit anything that you send for errors when possible anyway. We just prefer it to be somewhat reasonable prior to editing it.

As it states on the Author Styling Sheet, you will write your article below that line and you will use the reference above the line to know what each font level will look like. It does not matter what it looks like on your actual Google Doc, what is shown on the Author Styling Sheet is how it will look when it is on the website. 

When you are finished writing your article, you will send the Google Doc link to that article to and then our editor will begin addressing any errors and including any additional media you requested to be included in the article. Your article will then be posted within 24 hours. 


You are welcome to include any of the following in your article;

  • YouTube Videos
  • MMA Tweets/Images
  • Links to Your Website/BetMMA account
  • Links to your social media accounts. 

Really, you can include much more than that as well if you would like. Our rules are very simple and unrestrictive. We do not allow you to promote a SportsBook that isn’t featured on our website and we do not allow you to directly use your own affiliate links. You are welcome to promote a page on your actual website that does so however. 

To include YouTube Videos or Tweets from Twitter you simply include the link within the article and when we post it we will make sure it will display properly. For images you will need to attach the images you want to the article and provide a general idea as to where you want them. Finally for any links that you want to include, you will create a line on the page under your article like this;


And then you will write where you want the link included followed by an “=” sign and then the link that you want included. Anything under the line you create should be written in RED font. So your final link submission section should look like this;


Page 4 – Second Sentence – “Want To Include” =


More importantly than what we expect from you, is what you can expect from us. We will do everything in our power to make sure that your content is seen and appreciated by our audience. We will do so through a number of avenues, and do not really want to limit those avenues in any way as the more we grow, the more ability we will have to do things that will help you grow. 

That being said, there are some standard things that you can for sure expect from us, we just don’t want you to think that our assistance is limited to this list, because as we grow – our ability to circulate your content will also grow and we are open to any arrangement that makes sense.  


After your article is submitted, edited, and posted – you will see the following process play out. First and foremost, we have automation in place to ensure that every time an article of yours is published it will be automatically posted to both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We are also working on a solution to automatically send an email to email subscribers as well, and a solution to ensure that the post from Twitter will also post to our Discord.  

So as you can see, that article will get great exposure. The posts on social media will also include a link to your Twitter or Facebook account as well so that people can find you. For the first 90 days this is the extent of how we will promote your content.

When you are finished writing your article, you will send the Google Doc link to that article to and then our editor will begin addressing any errors and including any additional media you requested to be included in the article. Your article will then be posted within 24 hours. 


Once you have produced content consistently for a period of 90 days, we will then consider you part of the We Want Picks family and we can discuss additional means of promotion. These may include but are not limited to;

  • Having You Join Us On Some Of Our Shows
  • Discussing You Creating Your Own Mini-Show
  • Including Your Picks And Plays On Our Charts
  • Listing You As A Contributor On The Website

Again, and we cannot stress this enough, we are very flexible. If something makes sense for both parties, we are generally going to be on board with it. The only caveat for us is making sure that you will be consistent before investing that level of time into collaborations with you.